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biocaam in extrasensual


Title: Gift
Fandom: Ace Attorney series
Character/Pairing: Phoenix Wright, with mentions of the Feys
Rating: G
Summary: Phoenix reminisces on the mistakes he's made with the Fey family and how it made him the person he is today.
Author's Notes: Just a general piece. Written for [info]mission_insane.


The Fey history was not a pleasant one by any standards whatsoever. The murders, the shame, the lies and deceit…they all added to the sum of dirt that soiled their history.

Phoenix still doesn’t know why he chooses to associate with them, but he figures that the damage is already done and that family has become an indelible part of his life. He still doesn’t know if he regrets anything. When he thinks back to how it came to this, it’s like watching a black and white movie slowly come to life with color as the plot moves along. From Dahlia and Iris to Mia, from Mia to Maya, Maya to Pearl, his name has been there with the Feys from the very beginning.

They’re so different from one another, it’s almost unbelievable. Mia was the leader, the woman who grabbed life by the horns and took charge; Phoenix’s mentor. Her sister was the bubbly but determined girl who somehow became his assistant, and there was the adorable little cousin Pearls whom he looked after like a daughter. Dahlia and Iris were by no means interchangeable, but they both stemmed from the same ground, and he couldn’t bring himself to forget that. Even if Iris was the lesser of two evils, she willingly followed Dahlia and did her bidding. Was she really that weak hearted?

He dwells upon this, but he can’t come to any form of a logical conclusion. The Feys are an interesting breed, but he still knows that no matter what, they will always bring him good fortune in the end, and he couldn’t be happier.

And this is the only reason he smiles; because he loves that family more than anything else.


oh so sweet <33
yeh, i was really taken in by phoenix' interaction with the fey family ^w^

June 2009

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