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biocaam in extrasensual

Empty Words

Title: Empty Words
Fandom: Ace Attorney series
Character/Pairing: Daryan Crescend/Pearl Fey
Rating: R
Summary: The only escape she had was the one that would create more problems that she began with.

“I will lie awake,
Lie for fun and fake the way I hold you,
Let you fall for every empty word I say.”
-Brand New, “Me. Vs. Maradona vs. Elvis”

She’s moping around for some reason or the next.

He doesn’t know the entire story, but it definitely has something to do with that twisted family of hers, and he promised that he wouldn’t press the subject when she showed up in the pouring rain outside his apartment. How she found out where he lived, he doesn’t know. Daryan had just sighed and told her to follow him, and she had nodded, sniffling and wiping her eyes.

Her arm hangs over the sofa, her face buried into the armrest. Her clothes dried a while ago. The only thing she’s said since coming in was, “Sorry.”

Kind of late for that, though.

It’s nearing one in the morning, and he thinks that Pearl’s family will be looking all over the place for her. If they manage to find her here, it’ll mean deep trouble for him. So why is he still keeping her here? He hardly even knows her beyond the polite ‘hello-how are you-fine’ deal. She isn’t especially different from any other girl he’s met or knows. At the least, she could tell him what had happened to make her run away from home.

He gets out of the shower and tells her tiredly, “It’s almost one, girly. You need to go back home.”

She doesn’t say anything, and he wonders if she can even talk at all.
Pearl doesn’t blame him for putting her on the spot. She showed up, sobbing in what was practically hale, at Daryan Crescend’s home when she barely even knew the guy. But she just didn’t know where else to go where she wouldn’t be pressured to say what happened or with someone calling the police or worse; Maya.

No matter how much she wants to forget, she won’t be able to forget the conversation—more of an argument than anything—they exchanged before she took off from Kurain.

“Iris was released from prison a couple days, you know,” Maya said casually, walking away from the bathroom, squeezing the excess dampness from her hair.

Pearl looked up from her book. “What?”

“Yeah, she’s coming back to Hazakurain—“

“No!” Pearl leapt to her feet and strode over to her cousin. “How could you let her come back? After everything she’s done? After what happened six years ago?” Her blood pressure started to sky rocket, the bitter memories coming back. She loathed her half sisters, and even if Iris was the lesser of two evils she’d never forgive them for hurting Phoenix, Maya, and herself most of all.

“Pearl, that’s all done and over with. There’s not much else we can do except to move on. It’s not like we can prevent her from coming back,” Maya pointed out, not a hint of emotion in her eyes. How could she not care? “She’s your sister. Don’t you think you should forgive her?”

There was an argument in the distance; Pearl could practically taste it. “She’s not my sister. She’ll never be my sister. And if you’re willing to let her come back even after knowing her loyalty to Dahlia, then I’ll leave,” she said in all seriousness, not prepared to go back on her word. Maya merely smiled, almost condescendingly.

“Please, Pearl, you don’t mean that. Just wait till she comes back—“

There were no words after that; only the sharp, stinging sound of a slap.

“You…you know, I never asked to be born into this stupid family. But no, I just have to carry on the Fey tradition of spirit channeling, while never having a chance to do anything myself. Well you know what? Screw this family! I don’t want to be associated with it anymore! Don’t you think we’ve had enough shame since what happened with your first ‘channeling’?” she screamed, letting emotions she had bottled for much too long spill out, and she savored the broken expression on her cousin’s face.

She stole money for the train, and swore that she’d never have anything to do with the Feys ever again, even if she knew that she wouldn’t in a million years be able to make it on her own.

“You. Girly. You need to go now. I’m not into babysitting.”

She grimaces, biting her lower lip. There’s nowhere else to go; Phoenix would definitely call Maya, and she doesn’t know anyone else who lives here at the moment. Apollo and Klavier just had something about them that made Pearl not really suspicious, but not trusting either. They seemed to be the kind of people who would just dump you onto the next person as if you were nothing more than a troublesome problem.

Maybe that was exactly what she was.
When he sees that she’s not going to be leaving soon, he rolls his eyes and walks over to her on the sofa, and she hugs her knees to her chest, almost afraid of him (if that makes any sense in the current situation, that is). Her eyes are still red from crying, and she looks so miserable, so lost that he almost feels guilty for trying to dispose of her like garbage.

She was running away from home. There was obviously a much bigger picture, but that really didn’t look like it mattered at the moment.

He sits down next to her and holds his head in his hand, trying to think of a course of action that won’t make her any more upset. Pearl looks away, no doubt ashamed at the state she’s being seen in. Well, if she wanted to mope privately she could’ve gone elsewhere, right? Still, if he understands her thought process, she didn’t want to be pressed for details.

But it’s strange; she knows Klavier, right? If anybody knows about family being a bitch, it’s him. And from what he sees, Pearl admires him a lot more than she does Daryan. Even if he was annoying, he could help a lot more in this situation than Daryan could.

“Is it really that bad where you can’t tell anyone?”

“Because they’ll make me go home!”

He looks at the floor, almost driven into a corner. “So it’s that bad, huh?”

She relaxes slightly and puts her dainty hands on her lap. She regains some of her composure, but she still won’t look at him. “You don’t know all the strings attached…the kinds of things that happened because of me. Everything’s my fault…” she whispers sadly, closing her eyes. “Had it not been for me, my mother wouldn’t have tried to kill my cousin, and nothing that’s happening now would occur. The Feys would’ve been so much better off without me.”

That settles it; he was a lot better off not asking, because now he feels uncontrollable pity for the girl sitting next to him. He’s so wrapped up in his own thoughts that he doesn’t know that she’s moving closer to him, a lot closer than it should be—

His thoughts are cut off completely when she kisses him (albeit completely off the mark, supposedly).
No, she doesn’t know what she’s doing, and every fiber of her being is telling her to stop. For the love of God, she doesn’t even know what she’s supposed to be doing!

It feels strange, because she doesn’t love him; she doesn’t even like him. Maya had always taught her to only do something like this with someone she really loved. And even though she was doing something inexcusable, unforgivable even, she’s really in no position to be making rational decisions. Pearl knows that he’ll probably push her away and practically drag her out, calling her insane and many other choice words.

But much to her shock—and maybe even horror—he’s not pulling away. He interrupts for a minute and hisses, “You can’t do this.”

She frowns; she has no idea what to say to that, because he’s right; she can’t do this. She opens her mouth to say something, but immediately closes it again because she looks like a fool, if she doesn’t look like one already.

She’s satisfied for the time being, but Daryan apparently can’t let it go, or something’s wrong with him because he’s not moving away. She tries to move away slowly, but she feels his arm slip around her waist, and she feels panic like never before and regret that she even initiated something like this, which was bound to grow into something else that she really didn’t want to think about.

But she can’t bring herself to say no, because she wants so much to forget about everything that she’s willing to do anything.

He leans over, prompting her to lie down to allow more movement, and her comfort level is decreasing at an alarming rate. There’s no going back at this point; the damage has already been done.
What the fuck is he doing?

This is against the law, this is wrong, this is going to hurt her more than it will help her, and yet he can’t bring himself to stop. No one is going to find out; this will just be a skeleton in the closet, something that he can easily sweep under the rug as long as she doesn’t tell anyone, and she’s not really in a position to tell anyone of what happens this night.

He forfeits all possible protection when he takes off her robe and undoes the strings on the back of her dress, and she sheds it without even looking at him. It’s painfully clear that she doesn’t want to do this, that it was split second mistake in the first place and nothing more should be brought about from it. She swallows, a blush rising to her cheeks as he takes off his own shirt.

He thinks about telling her that it doesn’t help to be nervous, but words would damage the already delicate situation; he conveniently ignores the fact that there’s nothing more he can possibly do to hurt her when she initially came to him for protection and gave him her trust; the trust that he is throwing away now.
It hurts a lot more than she thought it would when they’re finally getting to the point of the whole thing. She bites her lip so hard that it bleeds so that she won’t cry again.

It hurts, it hurts, it hurts…

Help me, Maya…

Nobody can help her now, because she knows that she’s the one who caused this, and that she’s only getting what she deserves. After a few minutes of trying to at least get mildly comfortable, she decides that it feels kind of good, a lot better than the beginning. And still, there’s that nagging guilt, tortured with the fact that she will never be able to erase this event from the record of her life.

And all because she was a desperate little girl, running away from problems that were smaller than the ones that this would create.


I like Daryan as a jerk, personally.

Simple and heartbreaking, just how I like it. Poor Pearls. :/ Being at that age, you do tend to feel everyone's against you.

Nice job!
gaaah I am speechless about this. I'm amazed that I'm so intrigued by this pairing. Really good fic.
Woah, interesting pairing, but you pulled it off really well!
Damn... I love how you write them!! You've seriously made this one of my favorite crackships... :D

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